Partner Programme

How often have you sold into an opportunity and had to leave business on the table, simply because you were unable to service the requirement? Too often, we see account managers not capitalising on a business opportunity simply because they don’t think they are able to offer the additional services that their customers and prospects are asking for. At Redcentric, we help our partners to mind that gap and win the whole deal.

Redcentric has a proven track record providing IT services and expertise. Our skills and technical knowledge serve the needs of channel partners across many different markets. In fact, Redcentric is the technology provider behind many of the UK's leading resellers and service providers, all of whom resell one or more of our services - but more importantly have access to all of them!

The reason they partner with us is because we help them to increase their profits, broaden their product portfolio and ultimately win more customers. We can help you do the same.

Whilst we offer a complete range of managed services, there are three key areas we find new channel partners are most interested in initially:

    • Connectivity Services – ranging from basic ADSL though to Leased Lines and Satellite service provision, as well as MPLS though our own core network
    • Hosted Voice Services – utilising our carrier grade Broadsoft platform
    • Traditional Calls & Lines Telephony – enabling partners to offer instant cost savings to customers

However, new partners are in no way limited to these. If you have a requirement, we want to hear about it and help you build the solution.

It’s likely your customers are demanding multiple products and services, which at the moment you can’t provide, but would like to. So it's a great time to put Redcentric to the test and to see what we can do for you. We can offer incentives where we guarantee your profit margin when selling our services into your customers.

We also help partners win more business through enhanced service in all areas of the sales cycle including pre-sales support; bid and tender responses; accompanied client meetings; dedicated account management.

Interested? We would love to meet you.

Let us know your requirements, and we'll help you win that big deal that you’ve been reaching for!