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The battle for 4G dominance

Posted by Richard Allgate | 13 Sep 2013, 12:52 PM


Richard Allgate, Mobile Specialist here at Redcentric, wades into current discussions surrounding who will win the race to become the ‘best’ 4G provider. Considering marketing ploys as well as the scope of their 4G offerings, Richard points out the ones to watch as well as those who may fall behind.

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Poor 4G auction to be investigated by National Audit Office

Posted by Paul Storey | 17 Apr 2013, 15:22 PM


It has been announced this week that the 4G spectrum auction, which did not attract the expected revenue, is to be investigated by the National Audit Office. It is believed that the government is being criticised for a failure to maximise revenue, with the five successful bidders not receiving value for money. Paul Storey discusses the auction, as well as what the outcome means for bidders such as Vodafone.

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4G – our perspective

Posted by Paul Storey | 4 Apr 2013, 15:39 PM


In light of price cuts at EE, and the anticipated roll out of 4G services by providers such as Vodafone, Paul Storey – Product Specialist in Mobile and Intelligent Networks at Redcentric – relays the current 4G state-of-play. As well as some predictions for what to expect across the coming year, Paul also reflects on what service providers can learn from the 3G roll out process and the experiences of those already in the 4G market.

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Analogue switch off furthers 4G timetable

Posted by Paul Storey | 24 Oct 2012, 13:29 PM


Ofcom announced yesterday that the UK switch over to digital television is complete, and have confirmed that the 800MHz wireless spectrum is now freed up for use by the 4G network.

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