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An antidote to the hot air surrounding data centre hosting

Posted by Paul Hone | 9 Jan 2012, 09:16 AM


In potentially baffling customers with marketing spiel and hot air during their Cloud or managed hosting services pitch, many hosts are at the same time confusing matters when they talk about their data centre credentials. To camouflage their shortcomings, they may try and impress you with jargon around their SLAs, MTBFs, PDUs and more*.

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Data security and the perils of location, location, location.

Posted by Stefan Haase | 8 Nov 2011, 14:19 PM


According to a report from Information Age’s Cloud Security 2011 conference, businesses will soon be using a Software-as-a Service application from one provider, built on a Platform-as-a-Service offering from another, which in turn is based on Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivered by a third.

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