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Cloud SLAs: the dodgy white goods warranties of the tech industry

Posted by Fraser Fisher | 19 Jul 2013, 13:55 PM


Recent media reports have shone the spotlight on a number of high profile public cloud companies for confusing SLAs. Service providers, such as HP and Amazon, have come under fire for using confusing terminology and for placing the responsibility for detecting failures squarely on the customer’s shoulders.

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Its not the Cloud that fails customers. Its the Cloud provider.

Posted by Stefan Haase | 31 Aug 2011, 16:16 PM


Evidently, the latest Amazon debacle wasn’t an act of God. Instead, it seems that the provider’s equipment – and not a lightning strike at energy supplier EBS Networks’ substation – was to blame.

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Customer service – a big deal for smaller clients

Posted by Stefan Haase | 24 May 2011, 11:42 AM


During my participation in a recent Q&A panel debate at a Cloud Circle Forum event I got a reminder of what many of the large Cloud services providers may have forgotten… the importance of service management for smaller clients. The question, “How do you treat small clients?” posed to the panel by one of the audience members was a stumbling block for the likes of Google, IBM and Microsoft.

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