In an ever shifting landscape for insurers, Redcentric’s Cloud services can provide an agile, flexible and cost-effective response to operational challenges and market demands, whilst helping to meet increasingly stringent data privacy and regulatory compliance requirements.


Future proofed to support growth


Connected, responsive business


Cost-effective IT aligned with demand


Increased staff productivity


Faster IT integration


Greater competitive edge

Redcentric’s Cloud services are able to provide insurers with the solutions to support their business and IT challenges whilst delivering guaranteed assurance, accredited to ISO 27001, trusted by the NHS and Government to manage “Official-Sensitive” data and operating wholly owned UK-based data centres ensuring data sovereignty.

Our Cloud portfolio of managed voice, network and data management services maps well onto the dynamic and diverse needs of today's insurance sector. We have extensive experience working with Insurance firms, such as:

  • Devitt
  • Bluefin
  • Towergate

The benefits of Cloud services for Insurance firms


Simple to scale and deploy

Create uniform Cloud services that are easily replicated in new locations


Cost-effective connectivity

Connect multiple sites securely and cost-effectively


Improved business continuity

Protect business-critical data and systems from disaster


Pay per user / per month

Predictable, per user/per month costs make acquisition or expansion planning simple


Accelerated deployment

Rapidly deploy to new sites within short time frames and decrease time to implement new IT applications


Low risk

The financial stability, resources, assurance and governance to make your transition as low risk as possible


Scalable and flexible

Roll out/scale back temporary sites as and when needed


Highly secure

ISO 27001 data centres and PCI compliant for hosting services


Delivered from the Redcentric private cloud our insurance clients have installed robust and reliable IT infrastructure that is the trusted platform for secure, scalable and rapidly deployed cloud services that can be easily replicated across multiple sites. 

  • Reducing costs
  • Ensuring service availability
  • Guaranteeing compliance

"Throughout the contract term, like-for-like backup costs have reduced by 20% a year and network costs by 14% a year, meaning that substantially more data can be backed up without increasing costs. Migration to 21CN technology has saved around £400,000 a year."

Head of IT Operations and Infrastructure, Towergate


Infrastructure Services

Our range of colocation and IaaS solutions are delivered from our ISO certified and PCI DSS accredited UK data centres, removing the vulnerability associated with keeping your data and systems in house.

  • Increase profitability during times of reduced premiums and investment income
  • Meet industry regulations by increasing PCI DSS compliance
  • Boost your financial performance by reducing total cost of ownership
  • Respond quickly to market influences by flexing services to meet competition

Collaboration Services

Including fully hosted IP telephony and Unified Communications, offering enhanced, efficiency-generating features and a flexible system that integrates with staff mobiles, internet and emails.

  • Increase productivity through common collaboration platform
  • Drive quicker decision making through real-time data and communication
  • Reduce telephony costs as calls are free between office locations
  • Simplify management using centralised system and eliminate PBX maintenance costs

Data Management Services

Including managed data backup, assuring business continuity, managed Microsoft Exchange delivered as Software as a Service, and Hosted Desktop (VDI) and DRaaS.

  • Respond easily to meet peak-time requirements
  • Achieve cost savings by eliminating over-provisioning of IT resources
  • Flex effortlessly to meet storage capacity
  • Enjoy better data assurance as UK data sovereignty is guaranteed

Network Services

Including a flexible, scalable and resilient Wide Area Network (WAN) meaning all your sites can easily be connected to the network, no matter where they are.

  • Increase productivity by working from unified data and systems
  • Leverage scalability to meet your bandwidth requirements now and in the future
  • Standardise across all offices through same access to centralised systems
  • Secure cost efficiency through range of connectivity services

Security Services

Protect your business data and infrastructure from unauthorised access through encryption, firewall and end point security services.

  • Meet data privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Ensure assurance of customer data with ISO 27001 accredited facilities
  • Reduce time spent on updating security patches
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind with vulnerability assessments

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