Cloud Services for the UK Public Sector

Cloud-based services for the public sector that are perfectly aligned with the Government’s ICT strategy enable your organisation to deliver a better end user experience and enhanced data control, whilst driving significant cost savings, increased productivity and efficiencies.  


Reduce deployment times


Scale easily to meet demands


Improve end user services despite budget constraints


Increase levels of security for information assurance


Develop hybrid solutions for legacy systems  


Secure data sharing between departments

Redcentric delivers highly secure, compliant and cost-efficient Cloud, hosting and ICT services that allow public sector organisations to deliver better value for the tax payer. Redcentric is accredited to both ISO 9001 and 27001 and our services are authorised to process HM Government data protectively marked 'Official-Sensitive'; standards that provide peace of mind when it comes to  consuming  Cloud services and protecting your data.  

The Government’s Cloud First strategy mandate is designed to create savings and efficiencies for the public sector and is enabled through the Digital Marketplace, allowing organisations and departments to procure more easily and competitively.

  • Short-term contracts
  • Allows for disaggregation - no more vendor lock-in
  • Value for money
  • Low risk

Benefits of Redcentric for government organisations


G-Cloud approved supplier

An approved supplier from the first iteration through to G-Cloud 8


Full range of Cloud services

Underpinned by our network services including IaaS, DBaaS, telephony and backup


Flexible IT, usage-based costs

Redcentric's Cloud services offer public sector organisations the flexibility they require


Agile delivery

Cloud services support agile delivery of digital services, with efficient live service change processes


Highly secure

ISO 27001 data centres, authorised to process HMG data marked 'Official-Sensitive'


No CAPEX required

For deployments within our own set up environments. Pay as you go monthly charge


Low risk

The financial stability, resources, assurance and governance to make your move low risk


No long-term vendor lock-in

We offer short-term contracts starting at 24 months

Supporting the journey to the Cloud for Public Sector organisations

Redcentric is aligned with the pain points of public sector organisations and offers a range of Cloud, hosting and ICT services designed to support clients in their journey from traditional infrastructure to the Cloud and hybrid combinations in between.

Our end-to-end portfolio is rich in options for the public sector, embracing not just managed networks, data and voice but defined G-Cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DRaaS. But critically we match that technical scope with the capability and capacity, the assurance and the accreditations, and the experience and expertise to define, design and deliver the right solution to the requisite standard.

PSN Accredited

Simplified service delivery via Public Sector Network.

Read about our accreditation

Cloud services for the Public Sector


Scalable server resources that remove the cost and burden of managing your in-house server infrastructure to provide extra capacity to supplement or replace end of life legacy infrastructure.

  • Accredited to process data marked 'Official-Sensitive'
  • Connectivity into Internet, PSN and N3 networks
  • UK data sovereignty guaranteed
  • IT resources aligned with demand and budgets


Oracle Engineered Systems, hosted in the Redcentric Cloud, provide public sector leaders with a fully integrated, performance-tuned suite of database, middleware, applications, servers and storage systems.

  • Managed and monitored environment for better service response metrics
  • System reliability underpinned by SLAs
  • Reduced complexity through the streamlining and integration of systems
  • Secure, resilient and scalable platform for databases


Secure platform infrastructure that provides the networks, servers and storage required to give your organisation more time to focus on developing, running and managing applications and solutions.

  • No CAPEX outlay
  • Expert management of the underlying platform
  • Accelerated deployment
  • Range of platform hardware including HP, Oracle and VMware


Fast, flexible and secure virtual desktop delivery providing user defined desktop access reducing power costs and enabling immediate desktop deployments and updates across your user base and multiple sites simultaneously.

  • Quicker and more reliable desktops for end users
  • Increased data security with centrally accessed desktops - no data is taken offsite
  • Greater control of IT estate and software licences
  • Reconfigurations and deployment times dramatically reduced


Reduce maintenance and energy costs associated with hosting physical infrastructure in-house whilst still meeting security and UK data sovereignty requirements needed for the public sector.

  • Improved availability and redundancy of servers
  • ISO 27001 and 9001 certified and PCI DSS accredited for Physical Hosting Services
  • Less time spent maintaining hosting environment
  • Accredited to store HM government data marked as 'Official-Sensitive'

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