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Redcentric first CN-SP to be fully certified for live network delivery under HSCN


14 September 2017

Redcentric is delighted to announce that it has been confirmed as the first HSCN CN-SP to achieve stage two compliance, meaning they are able to physically connect and deliver live network services over HSCN.

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Poor technology planning facilitates data breaches


23 August 2017

With GDPR taking effect in less than a year businesses could be already risking damaging legislation breaches and valuable data loss. With employees using mobile devices for both work and personal activity as well as unsanctioned third party services we look at how poor technology planning can increase the likelihood of costly data breaches.

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Virgin Care selects Redcentric for major VDI contract


04 July 2017

Virgin Care looks to free up clinician time through the use of a single sign-on using Redcentric's VDI solution to allow healthcare staff to spend that freed up time to focus on patient care.

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Redcentric awarded PSN connectivity status


03 July 2017

Redcentric has announced that it has now received an enhanced certification for PSN (Public Services Network) connectivity service compliance connectivity from the Cabinet Office. Not only does this accreditation allow Redcentric to deliver its managed services to government departments but extends it to provide PSN circuitry to any organisation that is approved to connect to PSN.

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Redcentric takes security assurance to new level


18 May 2017

Leading UK IT managed services specialist Redcentric has announced that it has now received formal certification for the CESG Assured Services - Telecommunications (CAS-T) from GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre.

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Redcentric confirmed as a HSCN CN-SP


09 May 2017

Redcentric have recently achieved Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) compliance allowing them to offer HSCN connectivity services as a Consumer Network Service Provider (CN-SP).

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Redcentric cements public sector focus with place on Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework


06 February 2017

Redcentric is now a supplier on the government's Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework providing public sector organisations professional services through the framework.

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Redcentric delivers critical component of HSCN programme


27 January 2017

Redcentric has been chosen by NHS Digital deliver the HSCN Peering Exchange based on our dedication, quality of people and history of work within public & health care

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Certified Partner with Purple


26 January 2017

Redcentric has become a Certified Partner with Purple as they work together to provide data intelligence for companies over wireless LAN.

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Redcentric: Leading supplier of PaaS to Public Sector


10 January 2017

Redcentric ranks first out of a total of 42 suppliers within the G-Cloud framework making them one of the leading suppliers of Platform as a Service (PaaS) to the public sector.

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Redcentric wins new contract with Silentnight


15 December 2016

Facing numerous IT challenges across multiple sites, leading bed manufacturer Silentnight has announced a partnership with Redcentric that will see the managed service provider roll out a robust, futureproof network to support the business in the next stage of its journey.

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IT outages financially cripple retail businesses


09 December 2016

Research shows that 40% of retailers would lose more than £10,000 in the event of an IT outage lasting an hour with this increasing to £100,000 for 17% of the respondents. We look at high-profile retail outages during 2016 and how to protect against IT outages.

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Mark Hall elected to techUK's new Central Government Council


03 October 2016

Mark Hall, Redcentric’s public sector director, has been elected to sit on techUK's Central Government Council which is made up of 14 members from small, medium and large UK companies.

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Mohammad Siddiqi appointed COO of Redcentric PLC


29 September 2016

Redcentric is today announcing the appointment of Mohammad Siddiqi as its chief operating officer (COO).

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Disposal of Cambridge, Portsmouth and Southampton fibre networks


26 September 2016

Redcentric announces the disposal of its metropolitan area fibre networks in Cambridge, Portsmouth and Southampton for a total consideration of £5.0m.

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Retailers weighed down by their own legacy systems, survey reveals


24 August 2016

With the growth of online retail, recent research carried out shows that legacy systems are a big concern across the sector. With 40% believing growth plans are hindered by outdated systems, this press release discusses how new IT investment in areas such as cloud offers a raft of benefits for retailers looking to drive loyalty and win new business.

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Insurers ready to fight back against poor customer experience


01 August 2016

With the insurance sector changing and with 70% of their IT budget going on day-to-day maintenance our recent research shows that 82% of insurance companies plan to invest in new technology over the next twenty-four months. This press release looks at the drivers for this change and how they are using technology to transform their business.

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Redcentric afforded PSN accreditation


12 July 2016

Redcentric has today announced that it has been awarded accreditation to the Public Services Network (PSN) meaning the organisation can now offer its services across the entire public sector, from healthcare to local government, enabling the business to bring together all silos of the UK government on one platform to help increase effectiveness and efficiencies across the public sector.

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Redcentric gains ISO22301 certification

BSI-Mark-ISO-22301.jpg (1)

08 June 2016

Redcentric has recently been accredited with the ISO22301 business continuity management certification. This certification goes towards providing that Redcentric have the necessary steps in place should a disruptive incident occur to reduce knock on impact on the business and its customers.

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Lawyers Get Ready to Spend and Grow


23 May 2016

Recent survey by Redcentric looks at the pressures of UK law firms, how they are using technology to overcome these challenges and their future plans to aid a competitive advantage.

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