CloudUnity & End of Support Breakfast Workshop

Redcentric are proud to introduce their CloudUnity proposition.

Date: Tuesday 13th November

Location: One Moorgate Place, London

Time: 8 - 11am

Every organisations cloud journey is unique and negotiating the unfamiliar and complex world of hybrid cloud is very challenging. Redcentric’s cloud transformation practice brings together a dedicated, cross functional team of professionals whose role it is to help clients make the right cloud moves at the right time in the right way. One very real situation where this comes in to play is with Microsoft announcing the end of extended support for Windows Server 2008 due 14th January 2020 and SQL Server 2008 even sooner on the 9th July 2019.

This will mean no further security updates, implications around compliance and reduced performance. There are a number of options you can chose from for your next step:

    • Do you upgrade either on premise, deployed in private or public cloud and DIY or managed?
  • Do you go “as a service” and move workloads within a managed Azure environment or transform to platform based services and go “serverless”?
  • Do you move everything in to the Azure environment and Microsoft will continue support for Server and SQL 2008 for a further three years at no cost?

There are choices to be made and considering the security implications, this is not something that can be delayed, it is important that you get off on the right foot. Each organisation is different, from the individual system architectures, to the strategy, budget and risk appetite perspectives and with this in mind, we are here to help you make an informed decision and de risk the process.

We are running a free CloudUnity and End Of Support breakfast workshop which will allow individuals to explore options around the EOS issue specifically but also the broader capabilities of our CloudUnity proposition. Speak with peers sharing challenges and solutions and hear from experts who can help you identify the optimal route forward not only around your end of support issues but wider cloud strategy.

To reserve your space please complete the booking form, spaces are limited.

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