Redcentric takes security assurance to new level

18 May 2017

Leading UK IT managed services specialist Redcentric has announced that it has now received formal certification for the CESG Assured Services - Telecommunications (CAS-T) from GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre.

The standard is a fundamental assurance accreditation at the enterprise level, typically held only by big carriers or those that provide extensive network access into Government. This standard demonstrates that a supplier can meet strict security and availability criteria for connecting and providing consumer access to government, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) projects or public sector connected organisations.

As well as differentiating Redcentric from its competitors, it also gives customers a viable alternative to the default enterprise suppliers; those wanting to leverage the agility, cost-effectiveness and service focus of a client-centric mid-marker supplier can now do so with increased confidence.

The standard evidences that Redcentric has been measured against stringent security and availability framework; and that from a service level perspective, support operations and security controls operate to a set of operational qualifiers.

Mark Hall, Redcentric’s Chief Assurance Officer, comments: “CAS-T is a critical standard that customers expect to see – but it will be new for them to see such high assurances in place outside of the large telcos. Our achievement of CAS-T is a further indication of our commitment to, and investment in, best-in-class network provision across government and the public sector.”