Redcentric first CN-SP to be fully certified for live network delivery under HSCN

14 September 2017

Managed services provider Redcentric is delighted to announce that it has been confirmed as the first Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) certified CN-SP to achieve stage two compliance.

It now becomes the only CN-SP in the country currently able to physically connect and deliver live network services, as opposed to just marketing and selling HSCN connectivity services, the current limitation for those at stage one.

The accreditation came on the back of a rigorous trial and audit process across two key customer sites, during which all aspects of performance, availability, security and continuity were examined. It is a major hurdle to overcome for all CN-SPs, with a number of suppliers still working through stage two and even more yet to complete stage one.

Mark Hall, Redcentric’s chief assurance officer, commented: "From the outset we have been passionately committed to the HSCN programme and to driving a new generation of customer-led, market-aware solution provision for health and social care. Our prompt and diligent approach to stage two compliance is a further illustration of both that commitment and our expertise and focus around healthcare. It underpins how we are shaping our effort and endeavour to accelerate service delivery to allow our users to start taking the earliest possible advantage of HSCN.”

Read more about Redcentric's HSCN CN-SP services and accreditations here.

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