Critial operations are in safe hands for London Data Centre customers

05 November 2011

In response to customer demand for more secure and resilient operations for mission-critical equipment, City Lifeline, the London-based independent carrier-neutral data centre, now offers its customers colocation to Tier 3 standards.

The key to this is a new dual-diesel generator system, installed following a £600,000 investment, which can support the whole facility electrical load even with one generator set out of service for maintenance.

Tier 3, otherwise known as “concurrent maintainability”, means that City Lifeline can now offer its customers electrical power, cooling and bandwidth systems which are always available even if a part fails, is switched off or is being maintained. It provides a reliable operating environment for the customer which is resistant to failures or an incorrect operation. Tier 3 standards allow customers to sleep at night, restfully knowing that nothing can go wrong to affect their equipment operations.

City Lifeline’s managing director Roger Keenan explains, “The London colocation market continues to demand ever-increasing technical standards and ever-higher resilience against natural disaster, terrorist threats, mains power failures and equipment failures. Our customers were telling us we needed to move to Tier 3 standards and the installation of this new dual-diesel system was the last piece of the jigsaw. We are delighted at what has been achieved and what we can now offer”.

The new dual-diesel generator system is built to the latest pollution and noise standards. It fits in with City Lifeline’s continuous efforts to become one of the greenest, most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly colocation data centres in London.