Redcentric bridges the business connectivity gap

05 July 2011

Redcentric plc (AIM: RED.L), a leading provider of network based end to end managed services, technology and infrastructure solutions, announces today the launch of its new national Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) service.

EFM bridges the connectivity gap for businesses nationwide, offering them more flexibility and speed than broadband solutions whilst still delivering enterprise-class services without the expense of fibre-based leased lines. Offering up to 20Mb/s uncontended symmetrical bandwidth, EFM provides the essential connectivity that is required by many businesses today.

EFM works by bundling copper circuits from the local exchange into the premises and providing up to 5Mb/s download and upload across each circuit. As there are no fibre installations or digging up local roads, it is significantly more cost effective than leased lines and is typically quicker to install.

"This is one of the most significant developments in the business connectivity market in years," said Tony Weaver, Redcentric Chief Executive. "No longer will businesses have to face a trade-off between service and price when connecting their business. Business owners are sometimes faced with a workplace connection that is inferior to the broadband service they receive at home, but equally they cannot justify a leased line. Redcentric's EFM service finally gives businesses the connectivity they need with the service level they require - but without the costs of a leased line".

Notes for editors

  • EFM offers a resilient architecture. If one circuit fails, the others can carry on working. Redcentric also offers a six hour SLA on each circuit.
  • EFM is symmetrical - offering the same speed uploading or downloading, which is particularly useful for communication between offices. Through EFM businesses can now enjoy up to 20Mb/s upload. ADSL is asymmetrical and only offers approximately 1Mb/s upload.
  • EFM is uncontended offering a 1:1 contention ratio. ADSL is typically 50:1.
  • EFM is available from 1800+ exchanges, with approximately 2500+ from 2012.
  • EFM provides up to 5Mb/sec download and upload across each circuit. The maximum achievable bandwidth is dependent upon the distance of the premises from the exchange and typically the location needs to be within 3.2km (2 miles). The service is terminated on an NTE device and presented as an Ethernet connection, the product comes in a 2 pair or 4 pair solution delivering up to 20Mb/s into Redcentric's ISP or MPLS core network.