The Move from N3 to HSCN – a Technical Look


24 March 2017

Next in our webcast series, ‘The Move from N3 to HSCN’, Mark Hall, Redcentric’s Chief Assurance Officer looks at the technical aspects of HSCN, architecture of HSCN, security and what specific controls are in place.

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The move from N3 to HSCN


19 January 2017

An informed and in-depth guide taking you through the move from N3 to HSCN by our Public Sector Director, Mark Hall, to understand all you need to know about the new network and how to transition successfully.

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How IaaS can help Public Sector organisations


25 February 2016

An overview of Infrastructure as a Service and it can help public sector organisations to meet their growing infrastructure demands whilst meeting the reliability and security data required by regulations and end users.

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