Data Sovereignty

The US Patriot Act and the EU data protection laws, with their conflicting requirements and incompatible frameworks, have muddied the data sovereignty picture and are frequently cited by companies as a major barrier to their shift Cloud-wards.

There are two important factors affecting the treatment of data. Firstly, knowing where it is physically located, as this determines the legal jurisdiction presiding over that data.

Secondly, knowing who controls the data, as some country laws place obligations on companies beyond that country's borders. For example, since a US company operating in Europe (such as Microsoft or Amazon with their European clouds) is still subject to the US Patriot Act, any European customers using those services are exposing themselves to US jurisdiction.

Regardless of the laws that exist, cloud providers must be transparent about where they store data and customer records, and how they're handled.

That's why Redcentric has put clarity and openness at the heart of its cloud offering, underwritten by our Data Sovereignty Guarantee. This ensures that all data stored in our Cloud platform will not leave the UK; furthermore we can also assure customers that we have no US entities in our supply chain.

For further peace of mind, we offer the Data Exit Guarantee: if you decide to move away from Redcentric you can migrate your data out of our UK infrastructure quickly and with no penalty.

Data sovereignty guarantee:

  • Your data will not leave the UK
  • We will not move your data to another data centre without first requesting your permission
  • Should you choose to migrate out of our data centres, our data exit guarantee ensures we will provide you with the support you need at our standard rates with no penalty charges.