Hosted Desktop (VDI)

Redcentric provides an end-to-end service for hosted desktop delivery, for fast, flexible hosted desktop and email.

Hosted desktops or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) removes the need for a "traditional" PC environment. By hosting computing power, data storage, operating systems and applications in our secure Cloud, you to save time and money and free up valuable resources. And if you are considering a Microsoft Office or PC/laptop refresh, hosted desktop services will move the cost from a capital outlay (CAPEX) to a revenue expense with the cost spread over several years.

Benefits of our Hosted Desktop (VDI) service


Role-based hosted desktops

Simple and straightforward for end users as well as reducing your IT operating costs.


Hosted desktop end-user app store

Enabling end-users to download additional applications directly and on-demand.


Customised hosted desktop solutions

From Microsoft SharePoint through to Oracle and SAP BusinessObjects.


Partnerships for hosted desktops

Redcentric have partnerships with leading Cloud computing vendors.


Highly resilient desktop environment

Delivered from data centres, connected for resilience by diversely routed network.


24/7/365 Support

Pro-active monitoring and management from our 24/7 support team.


Redcentric works with you and your organisation to determine the specific hosted virtual desktop environment specifications to meet your needs. We understand that each department within your organisation is different and we can support your needs for different applications, as well as CPU, RAM requirements, OS or storage needs.

Redcentric tailor the hosted desktop solution to meet even the most demanding of needs. The right combination of services and functionality could include: persistent or non- persistent desktop, high performance virtual hosted desktops for graphical applications, and high availability solutions hosted across two UK data centres.

Role-based hosted desktops

Redcentric can deliver role-based hosted virtual desktops - for Sales it might typically include Microsoft Office and a CRM, whilst in Finance it more likely would include Microsoft Office and your existing finance system. Role-based hosted desktops keeps it simple and straightforward for users and reduces your IT operating costs.

Hosted desktop end-user apps store

Redcentric's hosted desktop apps store enable end-users to directly provision additional applications as and when they need them - again reducing costs and keeping it simple for end users.

Customised hosted virtual desktop solutions

If you want to deliver new or additional customised business applications within your hosted desktop, Redcentric's business solutions team can help - from Microsoft SharePoint for a shared document library, intranet or reporting dashboard through to Oracle and SAP BusinessObjects for Business Intelligence.

Secure access to your hosted desktop

Redcentric’s virtual hosted desktop (VDI) service offers access from the users’ computer via a software client installed locally or a web browser. Remote access is provided via an encrypted network connection, protected by two-factor authentication and can incorporates software and smartphone tokens for secure login.

Hosted desktop infrastructure that's highly scalable and resilient

The flexibility of the hosted virtual desktop infrastructure ensures that the service environment can support you as your business grows. Redcentric’s hosted desktop service can support as many users as you need, from 100 to many thousands.

The fully managed, hosted desktop environment is delivered from resilient, secure server platforms within Redcentric’s UK data centres - providing the security and availability required for the delivery of enterprise hosted desktop environments. The solution combines enterprise-grade cloud computing infrastructure with VMware View, offering the industry-leading Software as a Service solution.

  • Fully customised hosted desktop solutions
  • Backup desktops can be deployed at the recovery site to match the number of deployed desktops
  • Hosted desktop environment based on VMware technology.
  • Access to the desktop environment is provided via a software client installed locally or a web browser.
  • Remote access is protected by encryption and twofactor authentication, including software and smart phone tokens to secure login.
  • Patch management programme is able to run patches within a test environment prior to rolling it out.

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