Managed Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), put simply, is data centre capacity on demand. Whether your organisation wants short term capacity for specific projects, or wants to remove the cost and burden of managing server infrastructure, IaaS allows you to turn on the tap to extra capacity fast.

Because IaaS from Redcentric can be scaled quickly to your specific requirements you'll have no delays in adding extra capacity - nor will you pay for servers to sit idle in someone's data centre.The IaaS service allows you to create virtual resources at the click of a button within our secure, resilient Cloud hosting infrastructure.

No more inflexible, energy-hungry, high maintenance and expensive on-premise hardware. You get the servers and the storage you need, when you need it, available on-demand.

Key benefits of our Managed IaaS solutions


Supplement or replace infrastructure

IaaS can replace your existing infrastructure or be used to supplement it


Rapid deployment

Rapidly deployed compared to the time taken to bring in-house infrastructure online.


No CAPEX required

No capital expenditure is required for deployment of our IaaS solutions.


Predictable OPEX

Predictable monthly charge covering energy, hardware repairs and maintenance.


Scalable, flexible IaaS

Flex resources up and down to meet changing application requirement.


Built-in redundancy

Enterprise-level benefits, such as redundancy across multiple data centres.


24/7/365 support

Our 24/7 monitoring and support reduces the work load of your organisation's IT team.


Optimised security

ISO 27001, firewalled, private VLAN with all data residing in the UK.


SLA-backed high availability

Up to 99.99% availability service level agreement, backed by service penalties


Improve green credentials

Improve your green credentials and aid compliance with environmental legislation.

Redcentric IaaS solutions are deployed on enterprise-class Cloud infrastructure platforms hosted across multiple, resilient data centres in the UK. As part of our IaaS solution, Redcentric provide organisations with server, storage and networking resources as well as OS and application management.

Providing you with a standardised, repeatable way to manage the deployment of infrastructure, allows you to focus time and resources on the application layer upwards, helping you to deliver business value, rather than working on back-end maintenance.

You control your virtual resources

Redcentric's IaaS solution provides you with complete control over every aspect of your virtual data centre, via a simple to use self-provisioning portal you can:

  • Configure existing server performance, type of storage and capacity
  • Provision more servers during peak load, and remove them when load returns to normal
  • Test upgrades or new software with addition of more virtual servers
  • Test restores or disaster recovery plan through addition of more servers
  • Arrange stand-by servers to prepare for all eventualities

Supporting your IaaS solution

Redcentric support you every step of the way acting as an extension of your IT team. We provide 24/7/365 UK support, alongside clear and concise service level agreements (SLAs).

The five Redcentric data centres which deliver our IaaS solutions are all located in the UK. Each of our data centres offer N+1 redundancy throughout; and with security and compliance levels above industry standard, you can be confident that your mission-critical applications will be delivered safely and consistently.

  • Provision of virtual data centre resources, enabling the creation of your own virtual machines from standard templates.
  • Your own private secure VLAN - additional VLANs can be configured on request.
  • Highly Available (HA) firewalling - setup includes initial configuration of per-customer firewall rules on Redcentric’s firewall clusters.
  • 99.9% IaaS availability guarantee.
  • Access to our self service IaaS management portal.
  • Remote Access to server console via SSL VPN or via the Redcentric control panel
  • Security governance to ISO 27001 standard.
  • IaaS is delivered via our state-of-the-art Cloud infrastructure that is deployed across multiple UK data centres, interconnected by a private fibre network.
  • Dedicated UK support offers service desk, software support and server & network monitoring and management.
  • All our managed services are ITIL-aligned in both process and toolset.
  • Enhanced Virtual Machine Monitoring
  • Powerful 'mission critical' availability option - our 99.99% availability guarantee can be enabled by dynamic machine failover between Redcentric data centres
  • Access to lower cost, non-mirrored storage for high capacity / low IOP storage needs
  • Monthly software licencing - we offer Microsoft OS and application server licences on a monthly basis
  • Anti-virus software and management
  • Virtual server management to operating system level
  • Database server management (with support for both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle)
  • Virtual Server online backup services to datacentres outside the M25
  • Range of dedicated network connections to customer sites (via leased line or VPN)
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