Microsoft Direct Routing

Our Microsoft Direct Routing adds PSTN calling capability into Microsoft Teams, giving Office 365 customers more options when it comes to enterprise voice and collaboration, and opening up more possibilities for PBX refresh and consolidation.

Direct Routing is a new offering that allows Microsoft customers to bring their own telecom services into the Microsoft Cloud for Microsoft Phone System (in Teams). It is a valuable alternative to Microsoft calling plans, as users can access preferred tariffs, integrate legacy systems and leverage the functionality of existing providers.

With our SIP Trunk service now combined with Microsoft Teams, Redcentric can support enterprise voice and collaboration in a Microsoft environment end-to-end.

The Direct Routing Service is a good fit for those who:

  • Have an ageing PBX or multiple PBXs and are considering refresh and consolidation
  • Are mature users of Office 365 but are looking to exploit new capabilities
  • Rely on external apps for collaboration and conferencing but would like to standardise on one familiar tool
  • Would prefer to move voice and collaboration responsibilities from on-prem to the Cloud/managed service provider
  • Are keen to drive greater utilisation of a single common platform while streamlining vendor management

The Features of Direct Routing

enterprise voice.png

Increased support for enterprise voice

Introduces more options for those looking at enterprise voice and collaboration

flexibility and functional.png

Greater flexibility and functionality

Keep existing overlay services or integrate new offerings to extend platform benefits

competitive tariffs.png

More competitive tariffs

Allows you to stay with your existing provider and access better value call plans, with choice of PAYG, Enterprise or User bundles

client centric offering.png

More client-centric offering

More service-orientated with elements such as itemised billing, direct numbering plans and number range allocations

business continuity.png

Improved business continuity

Derisks loss of telephony service by moving it off-prem into the Microsoft Cloud

Increased utilisation.png

Increased utilisation

Get more from your Office 365 investments by greater leveraging of Teams

Simplified management.png

Simplified management

Save time and money by streamlining telephony into one universal Microsoft platform

Enhanced experience.png

Enhanced experience

Advanced quality of experience monitoring to ensure Teams delivers to user expectations.

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