Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft® Hyper-V is a stand-alone product that provides a reliable and optimised virtualisation solution enabling organisations to improve server utilisation and reduce costs.

Since Hyper-V Server is a dedicated stand-alone product, which contains only the Windows Hypervisor, Windows Server driver model and virtualisation components, it provides a small footprint and minimal overhead. It easily plugs into customers' existing IT environments, leveraging their existing patching, provisioning, management, support tools, processes, and skills.

Microsoft Hyper V Server can be utilised by customers in various scenarios, such as:

  • Test and development
  • Server consolidation
  • Branch office consolidation
  • Hosted desktop virtualisation (VDI)

IT pros can improve their existing knowledge and skillset by using Microsoft Virtualisation to access collective knowledge from the community, reducing potential learning curve time. Users can have ultimate confidence and peace of mind to virtualise with Microsoft's comprehensive support for applications and heterogeneous guest operating systems.