High capacity services

For the most demanding requirements, high capacity services (HCS) can deliver up to 10Gb/s low-latency connectivity.

With advances in technology and the need to drive efficiencies, organisations are increasingly moving services to the data centre. One particular driver for this is virtualisation, with the consolidation of infrastructure into high density facilities at the core of private networks or the Internet.

But with the move to the data centre the challenge is to provide your organisation with the connectivity it requires whilst maintaining a resilient and stable architecture.

High capacity Network services

Redcentric is addressing the need for resilient high capacity connectivity with a national multi gigabit fibre connectivity service. Whether the solutions we provide are to facilitate a storage area network between resilient data centre facilities, or for low latency high capacity internet facing applications, we design each high capacity service to suit your individual requirements.

Delivered using the UK's leading next generation network, Redcentric's multi gigabit fibre optic services are available from all major cities and, unlike traditional connections, are not restricted to local metropolitan areas.

Redcentric can deliver up to 10Gb/s low latency connectivity across the country.

Key benefits and features of our high capacity service


Increased resilience

Increased resilience in comparison to dark fibre solutions.


High capacity

Ideal for data-heavy applications and services that require low latency and high levels of security.


Up to 10Gb/s

Capacity to suit your requirements from 1Gb/s up to 10Gb/s.


Low latency

Low latency with target sub 5ms (one way) throughout the UK.

Business-only ISP

Business-only ISP

Business-only ISP with proven experience in delivering data centre services - offering unparalleled expertise.


Fully managed

Complete service delivery - from project management of the deployment through to ongoing management and support.

Resilient design

Previous solutions for high capacity services involved the leasing and use of dark fibre solutions, with point to point type connections between locations.

One of the issues inherent with this type of connectivity is the ability for the network to cope with any service outages.

Redcentric’s HCS are delivered across a larger managed network, meaning that the network will adjust to any problems and always route across the most appropriate path, mitigating the risk of unexpected outages.

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