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The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is the next generation national private network for health and care organisations. HSCN is a single logical network delivered by multiple suppliers, it is a completely reimagined and reengineered successor to the N3 network providing reliable, efficient, flexible and cost-effective connectivity for end-users.

The HSCN network is a core component of NHS Digital's drive to improve health through the better use of data and technology, transforming the quality and reducing the cost of health and care service.

HSCN will provide a secure and reliable mechanism for end users to access and exchange electronic information, anywhere, anytime and across any device; and in turn to facilitate greater collaboration and service sharing to drive greater efficiencies, increased clinical innovation and improved patient outcomes.

To that end the HSCN network will reduce complexity, leverage standards-based networking, drive interoperability and make core connectivity and overlay services available in a competitive, open marketplace for the first time.

A number of new Consumer Network Service Providers (CN-SPs) will be responsible for delivering HSCN-compliant connections, with end users able to take advantage of a range of procurement options.

Redcentric HSCN Connection Services

Redcentric established itself as the leading accredited N3 aggregator prior to its replacement by the HSCN, providing over 15,000 reliable, secure, high bandwidth connections to both healthcare providers and NHS application service suppliers.

As one of the first HSCN-compliant CN-SPs we are now in the vanguard of both migrating existing N3 customers and helping new users plan and get ready for the on-boarding of HSCN connectivity from pilot migrations taking place in July.

Our unrivalled experience of the health and social care environment and our on-going engagement with both NHS Digital and a broad spectrum of end users translates into a CN-SP that can be trusted to take you into the new HSCN world safely, efficiently and cost-effectively; and more than that, to have the ability to add significant value beyond the commodity connection – from supplying a wide range of overlay services to consulting on broader digital transformation initiatives.

HSCN timeline


  • Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC)
  • HSCN CN-SP certified
  • NHS Business Partner
  • HSCN Peering Exchange Provider
  • NHS Digital - accredited N3 ISP (Network Access Agreement 0740)
  • Independent aggregator of IGSoC Version 14 with a score of 100%
  • Compliant Commercial Third Party (NACS Code YGMAP)
  • Accredited to store patient data for and behalf of the NHS
  • ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO22301 certified
  • NHS Digital approved N3 commercial aggregator and HSCN CN-SP

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