MPLS Network

Customer sites can be connected to the Redcentric core using various access circuit connectivity options to create a bespoke private Wide Area Network (WAN). Redcentric uses MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) in the core to keep customer traffic securely segregated while providing access to a suite of cost-effective value-add voice and data services from within the core of the network.

Redcentric’s MPLS network can provide remote workers and individuals located on company sites access to services, information and applications hosted centrally or at other company locations. 

Redcentric offers various circuit types (example scenario below) to meet requirements for cost, capacity, scalability, geographic availability, delivery timescales and Service Levels. Optionally, internet access can be made available within the core so Internet access and security policies can be centrally managed.

Redcentric MPLS

MPLS provides 'any-to-any' connectivity by default so a single circuit to an MPLS core removes the need for a mesh of point-to-point links between all sites. A second circuit from a customer site to the core protects all or a sub-set of the services carried down the primary circuit should a problem occur.

Benefits of using Redcentric's MPLS network:


Redcentric managed and monitored

Network devices are monitored from Redcentric’s network operation centre 24/365


Latest technology

To control network traffic, provide assured bandwidth via QoS and maintain privacy.


Reduce WAN costs

Redcentric uses the most cost-effective supplier for each individual circuit.


Multiple circuit options

Choice of ADSL, Ethernet and leased line circuits.


Access to multiple services

Each of the connectivity options can support multiple services.


Online service portal

Access your network performance reporting information.


  • ADSL – Asymmetric service with speeds up to 20Mb/s for copper and up to 80Mb/s for fibre
  • Mobile cellular – Primary and backup connections utilising cellular mobile connectivity
  • Leading-edge MPLS technology for absolute privacy
  • Choice, multiple access circuit suppliers
  • Multiple, next-generation access technologies
  • Best-of-breed security services
  • Provider independence for increased resilience
  • Full Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Fully managed service
  • Service Level Agreements covering service availability
  • Support for network migrations, including project management, consultancy and professional services
  • Portal providing monitoring and reporting

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