N3 Network Access

The N3 Network is the IP network which provides the NHS with high availability, high speed broadband network services. If it wasn't for the N3 network, and the superior network connectivity it provides, it would not be possible to deliver the efficient IT services required by the NHS executive.

The N3 network is essential for facilitating programmes like the NHS Care Records Service and the Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions - enabling better care for patients and delivering what is truly a 21st century infrastructure for the NHS.

At its conception, the NHS network was the largest Virtual Private Network in Europe and was a project of a scale and complexity that had never been attempted before, in the UK or abroad.

Redcentric N3 Network Connection Services

Redcentric (formally InTechnology Managed Services) is an accredited N3 aggregator, and has been offering NHS N3 connectivity network services for many years - we currently provide over 10,000 N3 connections. Redcentric's N3 access service offers a reliable, secure, high-bandwidth N3 connection which allows organisations to improve the way they conduct business with the NHS.

Redcentric's N3 Network services have proved of great interest to general practitioners, dentists, and NHS Application Service Suppliers, such as healthcare software providers. Our tried-and-tested approach to deployment allows customers to prepare their sites for N3 connectivity at a pace that suits them - both timescale and budget.

Our accreditations for N3 services:

  • Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC)
  • NHS Health (and HSCIC) - accredited N3 ISP (Network Access Agreement 0740)
  • Independent aggregator of IGSoC Version 14 with a score of 100%
  • Code of Connection approved (3rd party N3 hosting provider onto the N3 network by HSCIC)
  • Compliant Commercial Third Party (NACS Code YGMAP)
  • Accredited to store patient data for and behalf of the NHS
  • ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified
  • HSCIC approved N3 commercial aggregator

Simplifying the N3 connection process

We are one of only two approved N3 service providers to have been granted “commercial aggregator” status by HSCIC. This gives us the authority to approve and connect third parties to the N3 network. Our dedicated N3 IG (Information Governance) team work closely with you to dramatically reduce the time taken to gain N3 connectivity - reducing the successful N3 application process from months to weeks.

Contact our N3 specialists

Our team of N3 experts are here to offer you advice on connecting to, and providing services over the N3 network. You can contact our N3 team at n3@redcentricplc.com.

Getting connected to the N3 network

In this webcast, N3 expert Mark Hall discusses what is required to connect to the N3 network

HSCIC grants permission to connect approved third parties to N3 network

In April 2014 Redcentric was granted N3 "commercial aggregator" status by HSCIC.

Delivering services over the N3 Network

In this webcast, Mark Hall looks at what is required to deliver services over the N3 network.

Cegedim Rx selects Redcentric to deliver improved IT services to over 6,000 UK pharmacies

Over 6,000 UK pharmacies are to benefit from improved network performance and efficiency.

N3 Hosting

Redcentric offer a ISO-compliant, N3 accredited hosting service

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