N3 Commercial Aggregator

Streamlining the N3 application process. Any organisation that wishes to access the N3 network must prove that it is capable of adhering to the strict security policies and information governance that have been put in place to protect information and data.

Granted by HSCIC in March 2014, our commercial N3 aggregator status gives us the authority to approve and connect third parties to the NHS N3 network, within compliance checks by the HSCIC. Redcentric is able to help companies through the strict process of application and connection - working closely with you to advise and support you end-to-end - dramatically reducing the application process from months to weeks. We are one of the first private sector organisations to become a full commercial aggregator.

Reduce the cost, time and knowledge burden required within your own organisation and be led through the entire N3 on-boarding process by our dedicated N3 Information Governance (IG) team of experts. Our team will manage the entire project, providing expert support and guidance throughout; they will also provide solution design work and help in mitigating business gaps and shortfalls, removing all of the complexity whilst ensuring your organisation’s compliance.

Our knowledge, accreditations and experience working for you and your organisation:

  • HSCIC approved N3 commercial aggregator
  • Independent aggregator of IGSoC Version 14 with a score of 100%
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified
  • Accredited N3 ISP providing N3 connectivity and services for over a decade
  • 3rd party N3 hosting provider
  • Proven solutions delivering outcomes for many organisations already

"Redcentric has been impressive – gaining approval for our N3 access application within a week and simplifying how we connect to the N3 network."

Andrew Outram , Technical Services Director, System C Healthcare


Our N3 experts are here to support you through your N3 connection process and will continue whilst you deliver services over the N3 network. You can contact our N3 team at n3@redcentricplc.com.

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