Optimisation of IT Infrastructure

Redcentric’s optimisation service has one focal point: helping you make the most of your assets. So our experts are there to look at your existing environment, your IT strategy, your existing and future business needs, and to ensure that you are in the best possible position today – and tomorrow.

The drivers for optimisation projects are often quite diverse. A need for increased scalability, improving customer satisfaction, driving down Total Cost of Ownership, readying the ship for a major transformation programme, achieving tougher levels of compliance, they can all have organisations looking to what they have and trying to determine the where, how, when and how much of where to go next.

Depending on precise requirements, optimisation work can be at the coal-face, fine-tuning systems for performance or introducing a required degree of future-proofing, or even extending the operational life of older platforms. Or it can start with a top-level strategic view, using gap analysis to identify where IT function fails to meet business needs, and making recommendations as to how to get optimally aligned. What is common to all our engagements is that sense of partnering and collaboration and knowledge sharing, and our commitment to equip you with the best possible environment.

Our optimisation services can be broken into four key areas: